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fastest, cleanest and easiest to use android recipe app

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    Runs on ALL android devices! Popular with tablet users too in the kitchen for better viewing pleasure.

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    Clean & Fast

    Super clean, fast, professional, sleek layout - very advanced app without all the useless cluttery buttons to confuse you. You can use our app today like a pro!

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    Have a cool recipe to share with our users? Simply submit your cannabis infused recipe DIRECTLY from the app! New recipes are added all the time to our huge growing database, with optional notifications when a new recipe is added.

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    Always FREE!

    Everyone LOVES Free! Our recipe app will always be free to install and use with advertisements to support our work - theres an option to remove ALL ads, banners etc instantly simply by going premium anytime. We appreciate everyones support & encouragement to further our app. Please support us and buy the app and own a professional app without any advertisements.

Always NEW

Lets Get Canna Cooking!

Stylish, Professional and Unique !
for the cannabis enthusiast

Cannabis Legendz has developed a truly must have app, thats constantly updated with NEW cannabis-infused recipes all the time. We encourage our users to send us their coolest, most fun recipes so we can put them online asap to our growing database of delicious treats and meals.
What makes us stand tall above the rest?

Packed with amazing features

  • Reliable, Secure, Organized Platform
  • Recipes categorized neatly, has Shopping List
  • Many recipes have Nutritional info if submitted
  • Share recipes on social media, text, email etc
  • Rate if you LIKE a recipe to rank the recipe
  • Submit your favorite cannabis recipe in the app
  • Use it free, or Go Premium and support us!
  • ...lots of other cool features
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We always keep the most updated release available on Google Play. We encourage everyone to share the recipes on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc and share the goodness mother nature has given us. Theres a huge interest in cannabis edibles with the legalization of marijuana around the world, we are proud to be a part of it. Thanks to all of our supporters, we do this for the cannabis enthusiast like ourselves, to get our medication in a tasteful and delicious way! Learn how to make pot brownies, weed cookies, cannabutter, original weed recipes and new ones posted all the time! DIY potent medical cannabis recipes for licensed medical marijuana patients and weed enthusiasts.
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Our developers are proud to bring you the fastest, finest cannabis-infused medical cookbook recipe app available today. As cannabis enthusiasts ourselves, it gives us pride to present an app that you will enjoy and find super useful on a daily basis. We work hard to keep the cookbook updated all the time with new recipes from around the globe. We also use our recipe app daily, and enjoy our users recipe uploads - it keeps us motivated to give you more.

We look forward to marijuana (or 'marihuana' in Canada) becoming legal in Canada and throughout the world. More and more countries are seeing the medical values and curing capabilities of this magnificent plant. This is allowing research to continue, and more indepth knowledge of the medicinal properties of the cannabis plant throughout our laboratories worldwide. Cannabis Legendz ( continues our own private research in our private laboratories to educate ourselves more on the values of THC, CBD, CBN and the many other cannabinoids and share our research with you. We will continue to research and learn more how our endocannbinoid system (ECS) works and how cannabis can give us poswerful healing in so many ways. Until then, keep medicated... and have fun with the app!

Best Cookbook Recipe App 2018

  • Sharing is caring, share mother nature

    Cannabis is mother natures way of healing the world, be sure to share interesting recipes.. and send us yours too!

  • Browse through tons of cannabis recipes

    Elegant, modern and easy to use. Tons of clean, organized cannabis infused recipes at your fingertips, lots of new ones added all the time to keep you busy in the kitchen. Nutritional information can be added to recipes, as well as pictures and videos too!

  • Favorite/Save a shopping list for later

    Browse through the many cannabis recipes, then when you find one you like, you can add the items to your shopping list for when you head to the grocery store. You can also Favorite or Like a recipe too and give it a better ranking in the app for others.


Medicinal Cannabis Cookbook Recipe App

since day one — March 9, 2018

  • Design in mind

    Super clean, fast, responsive user interface on all mobile devices. Easy to navigate everything fast. Always updated with new recipes.

  • Organized Categories

    Breakfast, Lunch, Appetizers, Treats, Butters & Oils are just a few of the main categories available. Traditional, Modern and more!.

  • User submissions

    Send us your favorite recipes, others users are always looking for new ideas to try out daily from around the world.

  • Sharing is caring!

    Be sure to share your favorite recipes on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media. More users = more fun recipes! Spread the word.

  • Favorite Recipes

    Always favorite the recipes you like, it lets others know what is popular or good, and moves the recipe to top of category.

  • Go Premium!

    Thanks to all our supporters! Go Premium in the app & all advertising instantly removed, plus experience all the benefits of a premium supporter.

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Team behind CL Medicinal Cookbook

Our development team responsible for bringing you this awesome mobile app are licensed medical cannabis patients as well as growers for years. We are like you, cannabis enthusiasts wanting the largest cannabis-infused recipe database at our fingertips whenever we need it. We look forward to years of upgrades, features and recipes as we watch our software grow and become a household app for many cannabis connoisseur users around the world. We are proud to be a part of the medical cannabis research and growth, and providing you the best medical marijuana cookbook ever. Enjoy, and cheers!

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Free User
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  • Full access to all recipes!
  • Submit Recipes, plus other features


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